Adding a kitchen to a guest or granny annexe is a wonderful addition, providing extra space for cooking, dining, and entertaining and keeping your annexe self contained. Whether you have a large family or simply love to host gatherings, an annexe with a kitchen offers flexibility, convenience, and the opportunity to create a stylish and functional space outside of the family home.

Hawksbeck Annexes understands the importance of style and functionality, which is why we create stunning annexes that are bespoke to your home.


Kitchen Ideas

Open-Plan Kitchen Design

A popular and modern design choice for kitchens is the open-plan layout as it maximises space while seamlessly connecting to a living or dining area. With no walls or barriers sectioning off the space, family members can easily interact, engage in conversations, and participate in activities while still going about their respective tasks. 

Perfect for those that enjoy socialising, an open-plan kitchen for your Hawksbeck annexe can promote a sense of connectivity and togetherness.

An open-plan kitchen for your annexe also increases natural light and airflow. This not only creates a pleasant ambiance but also reduces the need for artificial light during the day, encouraging an energy-efficient annexe. 

Additionally, the increase in airflow allows cooking odours and heat to dissipate efficiently, ensuring your kitchen maintains a comfortable atmosphere.

Stylish Storage

Stylish cabinets can transform an annexe kitchen into a sleek and modern space, increasing the overall aesthetic and functionality of the kitchen space.Beyond simple storage spaces, stylish cabinetry can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your annexe, elevating the visual appeal of the space.

Moreover, stylish cabinets and storage also contribute to a well-organised and clutter-free kitchen. With smart storage solutions such as built-in shelves and custom storage spaces, your annexe kitchen can maintain a clean, tidy aesthetic throughout the years.

Our talented building team at Hawksbeck can discuss custom storage spaces for your kitchen during your free site survey.

Sophisticated Kitchen Lighting

The correct lighting can enhance the beauty and functionality of your Hawksbeck annexe kitchen. Pendant lights have become a popular choice for kitchen lighting due to their sophisticated look and functionality. 

One of the key benefits of pendant lights in kitchens is their ability to provide focused and task-oriented lighting. Usually installed over kitchen islands or dining spaces, pendant lights beautifully illuminate the specific area. This targeted lighting can create the perfect ambiance for romantic dinners or entertaining dinner parties.

Downlights are the perfect combination of ambience and task lighting making them the ideal option for your kitchen annexe. Installing dimmers for adjustable lighting options also allows you to set the mood for different occasions. The Hawksbeck Annexes team will be able to discuss your lighting options to find the optimal lighting for your kitchen.

Statement & Feature Walls

If you’re looking to enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen annexe, why not consider a feature wall? Create a statement in your kitchen annexe with a unique and eye-catching splash back. Whether it’s a mosaic tile pattern, a colourful tile or a large mirror, the splash back can become a prominent design element in your kitchen annexe.

For a more striking addition, exposed brick has become a popular addition to kitchen spaces, creating a cosy, rustic feel while also contributing to the overall stye of the annexe.

A well-designed annexe kitchen can transform your life at home, creating a functional, stylish, and inviting space that is separate to the existing property.

Hawksbeck Annexes offer a ten-year insurance backed policy, along with an assurance of the annexe lasting a minimum of sixty years, providing confidence and peace of mind for all our clients.

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