A garden annexe offers a wide range of uses and can be a versatile addition to any property. One common use is as a guest house or accommodation for family and friends. It provides a private and comfortable space for guests to stay, giving them their own separate living area, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, while still being close to the main property.

Many homeowners dream of additional space to create their own space to do what they please with and a Hawksbeck garden annexe provides that opportunity without the need to move home. Hawksbeck Annexes create garden annexes that combine style and functionality while offering a durable self-contained space that requires little to no maintenance.

Oxfordshire, located in Southeast England, is a county renowned for its rich history, prestigious university, and stunning countryside.

The county is most famous for the city of Oxford, home to the world-renowned University of Oxford. Beyond the city, Oxfordshire boasts picturesque villages and idyllic landscapes with charming market towns and quaint neighbourhoods.

As a home county that celebrates its landscape, a garden annexe is the perfect opportunity to embrace the outdoors.


Garden Annexes: The Space Of Your Dreams

Oxfordshire Garden Annexes

Having a garden annexe in Oxfordshire offers a unique living experience, blending the beauty of the county’s countryside with the convenience of a versatile living space. Whether used as a guest house or accommodation for family and friends visiting the renowned city of Oxford, or as a home office for remote work, a garden annexe in Oxfordshire provides a peaceful and private retreat.

Its proximity to the picturesque Cotswolds and charming villages allows residents to fully immerse themselves in the idyllic surroundings and enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside. Hawksbeck Annexes design and build the ideal garden annexe for your Oxfordshire property. With countless opportunities to design and style your new space to your lifestyle and requirements, Hawksbeck Annexes will discuss your wishes to create a bespoke garden annexe optimised to you and your families’ needs.

Modern garden annex in Oxfordshire


Does a Garden Annexe Increase My Oxfordshire Property?

Adding a garden annexe to a property can significantly increase its value. A garden annexe provides an additional living space, offering the potential for extra bedrooms, a guest house, or even a self-contained rental unit. This can greatly enhance the property’s appeal, especially for families or individuals looking for flexible living arrangements.

A well-designed Hawksbeck garden annexe, constructed with quality materials and fitting seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of the property, can enhance its overall curb appeal.

This visual appeal, coupled with the added functionality, can lead to an increased market value for the property, making your investment a wise and financially rewarding investment.

Do I Need Planning Permission For My Oxfordshire Garden Annexe?

Factors that can influence the need for planning permission include the size and height of the garden annexe, its proximity to other buildings, and whether it will be used for residential or commercial purposes.

It is advisable to consult with the local Oxfordshire planning authority or seek professional advice to ensure compliance with the regulations and obtain the necessary permission.

Our team at Hawksbeck Annexes will discuss the specifications and measurements of your garden annexe and will let you know if your proposed garden annexe will require planning permission.

Contemporary Oxfordshire garden annexe
Oxfordshire garden annexe modern kitchen

Get a Quote for Your Hawksbeck Garden Annexe in Oxfordshire

With a full turnkey service including design and build as well as plumbing and electrics, Hawksbeck annexes are built for life. With a minimum lifetime of 60 years and a low to no maintenance requirement, you can rest assured that your Hawksbeck garden annexe is made to last. We also offer a ten-year insurance backed warranty for added peace of mind and to ensure a high-quality garden annexe bespoke to you.

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