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Designing a self-contained garden annexe can feel overwhelming, but you do not need to be an interior designer to achieve a stylish and practical space. That’s where we come in. At Hawksbeck Annexes, we are dedicated to making the process simple and straightforward.

We offer expert tips and guidance to ensure your bespoke garden annexe is crafted to the highest quality, perfectly reflecting your vision. Read on to discover everything you need for your perfect, customised self-contained granny annexe.

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What Is a Granny Annexe?

A granny annexe is a fully self-contained living space situated on the same property as the main home, specifically designed for elderly family members. It includes its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and living area, with accessibility features like single-story layouts and safety enhancements to ensure comfort and independence.

At Hawksbeck, personalisation is paramount. While we offer ideas for a standard annexe, we encourage you to infuse it with your unique flair and character. Why not consider customising your space by adding or modifying features to suit your preferences?

Hawksbeck Annexes offers entirely bespoke design and build projects, including fully fitted kitchens and bathrooms, ensuring we can bring your dream to life.

Luxury Living Space

The key to making any annexe feel like home is the living room area. We emphasise creating a warm, inviting living space that reflects your personal style. Whether you prefer cosy and traditional, or sleek and modern, the right living room design sets the tone for the entire annexe. It is where comfort meets functionality, making it the heart of your new home.

Functional Annexe Kitchen

Every granny annexe needs a well-equipped kitchen, serving as the central hub where meals are prepared, and memories are made. In your Hawksbeck kitchen, whether you choose a compact kitchenette or a fully installed, functional kitchen, we guarantee functionality and sleek design regardless of size.

Bedroom and Bathroom

In a granny annexe, the bedroom and bathroom are designed for utmost comfort and functionality. You can customise your annexe to include a cosy space for peaceful nights, a luxurious ensuite added for convenience, or bedrooms to accommodate family visits – all designed to meet your specific needs and preferences.

A well-appointed bathroom not only enhances comfort but also ties together the entire granny annexe, ensuring it functions as a comfortable and complete home.

For those looking for a versatile layout, combining the bedroom with the living area creates a spacious and multifunctional environment. We prioritise creating inviting bedroom sanctuaries and luxurious bathrooms that cater to your preferences, ensuring every aspect of your annexe enhances comfort and quality of life.


2 bedroom garden annex

These customisable layouts are tailored to your preferences, whether extravagant or minimalist. We assist in designing spaces with the essential amenities, ensuring each self-contained annexe serves as a comfortable and personalised living space. Each annexe is bespoke and designed to your specification with unique functionalities. No two are alike, offering tailored spaces that can serve various purposes according to your desires.

To find out more about designing and building a bespoke self contained garden annexe call Hawksbeck today on 01277 414 586 or email us at

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