Are Garden Annexes Safe for Elderly Parents?

As our loved one’s age, ensuring their safety and comfort becomes a high priority. Many families face the question of how to provide elderly parents or relatives with a living space that combines independence and support that is also easily accessible should the elderly need any assistance.

Garden annexes have become a popular solution for homing elderly parents without the stress and hassle of moving them into an elderly care home. Elderly people often value their independence and the ability to live comfortably in their own home.

However, as they age, elderly parents may face physical and mental challenges that can make independent living difficult.

This is where adaptations to the home environment, such as garden annexes can become the optimal choice when homing elderly parents.

By adding a self-contained garden annexe in close proximity to the family home, you create a safe, comfortable and independent living space for your elderly parents.

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Safe and Habitable Garden Annexes

Hawksbeck Annexes ensure our garden annexes are all built to building regulation standards and are well insulated, safe, and habitable living spaces. We also provide a ten-year insurance backed warranty for additional peace of mind. 

Our annexes are built to last a minimum of sixty years to ensure your investment is safe and long-lasting. We offer a full turn-key service, including design, installation, electrics, plumbing and landscaping so you can rest assured your garden annexe is in the right hands.

Privacy and Independence

While safety is a primary concern, it’s equally important to prioritise the privacy and independence of elderly parents. Garden annexes offer a self-contained living space that allows them to maintain a sense of autonomy, while still being within easy reach of family.

With their own kitchen, bathroom, and living area, elderly parents can have a space specifically tailored to their needs and preferences, granting them a comfortable and private retreat, just a stone’s throw away from your home.

Accessibility and Adaptability

Garden annexes can be designed with accessibility in mind for elderly parents that may need additional support, incorporating features such as ramps, wide doorways, and safety bars to ensure easy movement and enhanced safety for elderly parents.

The design team at Hawksbeck Annexes can work with your family to discuss the needs of your garden annexe to ensure the layout and design are accommodating to your specific requirements.

Proximity To Family Home

A principial advantage of a Hawksbeck garden annexe is the proximity to the family home. The proximity provides peace of mind and security for both the family and elderly parent as both are easily accessible should they need assistance. The short distance provides a sense of security and comfort and prevents elderly parents from feeling isolated which is a common issue in care homes.

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Hawksbeck annexes can undoubtably provide a safe and comfortable living solution for elderly parents without compromising their independence and security. If you’re considering a safe, habitable garden annexe for your elderly parent, with fast construction times, contact our friendly team today on 01277 414586 for your free site survey.

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