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In recent years, there has been a growing trend of multi-generational living, with many families seeking to find innovative solutions that promote both independence and connection.

One such solution gaining popularity is the creation of garden room granny annexes. These self-contained living spaces, designed to accommodate older family members, offer numerous benefits, especially when tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Here, we will explore the unique design options offered by Hawksbeck Annexes, specifically focusing on the granny annexe’s advantages of ground-floor accessibility and the ability to customise an annexe with a kitchen and full bathroom suite.

Luxury garden annexe kitchen

Ground Floor Accessibility

One of the primary benefits of a Hawksbeck annexe design is its ground-floor layout, which provides an ideal solution for older individuals who may face mobility challenges. By eliminating stairs and multiple levels, we ensure easy accessibility throughout the space, promoting independence and reducing the risk of falls or accidents.

Whether your loved one uses a wheelchair, walking aids, or simply prefers a more accessible living solution, a single-floor garden annexe design ensures a seamless living experience.

Customisable Kitchen Space

At Hawksbeck Annexes, we understand that a well-equipped kitchen is a vital component of any living space. With our design options, you have the freedom to customise your annexe’s kitchen to fit your loved one’s needs.

From choosing the ideal layout to selecting accessible features, such as lower countertops, drawer-style cabinets, and lever handles, every aspect can be tailored to ensure a safe, functional, and enjoyable cooking experience.The inclusion of appliances, such as accessible stoves and refrigerators, further enhances the functionality of the kitchen, catering to the specific requirements of your loved one in their very own garden annexe.

Full Bathroom Suite

Ensuring comfort and convenience, a Hawksbeck annexe offers the option to include a full bathroom suite complete with a desired bath. This feature allows older individuals to enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic bathing experience without the need for assistance, promoting a sense of independence and privacy.

The bathroom suite can be customised with safety features like grab bars, non-slip flooring, and wheelchair-accessible showers, providing a safe and accessible environment for your loved one’s unique needs. We ensure every detail can be personalised to create an annexe space that combines functionality with luxury.

Promoting Independence

Beyond the physical aspects, our designed annexes promotes independence in multiple ways. The self-contained nature of our garden annexes offers privacy and personal space, allowing older individuals to maintain their autonomy while living close to their loved ones.

Whether it’s hosting family gatherings or enjoying quiet moments, these granny annexes offer the perfect balance between connectedness and independence.

The ability to create a customised space further enhances their sense of ownership and allows them to truly make the annexe their own.

Granny annexe designs carried out by Hawksbeck Annexes provide a transformative solution that fosters accessibility, independence, and connection. With ground-floor accessibility, customisable kitchen spaces, and the option for a full bathroom suite with a bath, Hawksbeck Annexes offers the ideal living environment for older family members.

Garden annexe bathroom
Granny annexe design plans
Investing in a granny annexe goes beyond providing a comfortable space; it is about fostering a sense of belonging and promoting intergenerational bonds. Consider the unique advantages offered by Hawksbeck Annexes and embark on a journey to create a personalised, self-contained annexe that enhances the quality of life for your loved one.

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